Your titanium ring does not come to you picked from a shelf in a stocked warehouse. It comes from our workshop. We do not make your ring in our workshop until you place your order. From the very beginning, your ring is created with you in mind. designers and machinists have over 20 years experience working with titanium metal. We are often asked the simple question, “Why titanium?”


 Titanium is a metal that is widely used in aircraft, armor plating, naval ships, spaceships and missiles due to its high tensile strength to density ratio, resistance to corrosion and fatigue and its ability to withstand high temperatures. owner, Roy Arnell, was an experienced manufacturer of titanium products for other industries. He had the inspired idea to use his expertise in working with titanium to make a titanium engagement ring. Friends, family and strangers on the street began begging Roy to make rings for their special occasions and a new business was born.

As Roy began to apply his titanium experience to making titanium rings, he realized that titanium has many ideal qualities for use as jewelry.

The Abyss replica ring


Durability - In the 1989 underwater masterpiece movie The Abyss, actor Ed Harris sticks his hand into a closing hydraulic emergency door as the compartment he is in fills quickly with water. His titanium wedding ring stops the door from closing, saving his life. 

The Abyss movie success drove people to want a ring like the one Ed Harris wore. We have the prestige of being the original company to create The Abyss replica ring.
Although you may not find yourself in this kind of life-or-death situation, we understand the importance of durability in the jewelry you wear every day!


Compatibility - The medical industry has used titanium for years to make surgical and dental implants because, in addition to its durability, titanium is hypoallergenic and inert. Inert means that it is not readily reactive with other chemical elements. It creates no pharmacologic action.

It will simply look beautiful on your finger, and amaze your friends, without causing any other reactions in your body. People with gold or silver allergies will not have problems wearing titanium rings.

Rarity - Titanium itself is not a rare metal; but titanium rings have a one of a kind appearance that is noticed by others. People will comment on your ring, recognizing that it has a quality that stands out from other jewelry. Be prepared to talk about your ring and we always appreciate when our customers give us a reference.

These qualities alone don’t make a great piece of jewelry. boasts many firsts that make us the perfect choice for your special piece:

  • We were the first to adopt the precision computer-aided machinery that cuts your ring from blocks of high grade titanium.
  • We were the first to design the now popular tension settings rings.
  • We were the first to offer full titanium prongs to hold your gem securely in place.
  • We were the first to explore the black diamond coating technology, bringing it into jewelry production and we have licensed our process.
  • We were the first to offer great titanium ring jewelry with exceptional customer service via web technology.

As more great people realized the benefits of titanium ring jewelry, our workshop has expanded. But even though we were the innovators in making titanium rings, we haven’t become comfortable with the status quo. In our workshop, we continually seek new techniques, new technology and new designs to keep ahead of the other jewelry manufacturers.

Our workshop is waiting to make your special ring. Your finger is waiting to wear it.