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With the cost of higher education increasing, university students are under a huge amount of pressure to make the most of their investment. Of course, the added pressure of cancelled classes and uncertainty in the current Covid-19 environment is also damaging student confidence. Choosing to work with a professional tutor gives you the best chance of avoiding disappointment and getting the results you need.


Are you a first year struggling to balance your workload and achieve results now you’re studying independently for the first time? Perhaps you’re a final year student feeling the pressure as exam time approaches. Whatever the case, your tutor will focus on the areas where you need the most help. That could be anything from supporting you to gain confidence and understand theoretical models, to detailed feedback on coursework and strategies to help you succeed in exams.

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As an experienced student, you’re likely to be well versed in essay technique, study skills and the like, but as the intensity of your education increases, so do the benefits you can gain from the external perspective and expertise of a professional tutor. At The Tutor Team we are on hand to provide support including proofreading dissertations and theses, flagging up problems, checking your arguments and helping you reach your full potential.

The benefits of working with a university tutor

Better chance of good grades
Work at your own pace
Personalised, expert support
Opportunity for interactive learning
Improved confidence levels

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Why choose The Tutor Team?

As well as gaining access to a wide range of highly qualified and experienced tutors, by choosing the Tutor Team you’ll benefit from:
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Straightforward invoicing

You will be invoiced electronically after the lesson is complete and after you have received your lesson report.  You can pay quickly and easily by using the Pay Now button, or choose to do nothing and your card will be debited automatically.  You will receive a receipt.

Online dashboard

Manage your learning journey online including seeing what lessons you’ve booked, view lesson reports from your tutor, view your account balance and more.  You can also upload work for the tutor within your account.

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Clear communication

Your Team Coordinator will act as a central figure who knows both you and your tutors and can answer questions, offer advice and listen to any concerns you may have.

Personalised service

We offer a bespoke introduction service to suit the needs of each individual student.
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Whether you’re ready to get started or you want to discuss your options, get in touch to find out how the Tutor Team can help.

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