Melanie is a very friendly, knowledgeable tutor who has helped Joe tremendously. He now has a good understanding of how to tackle his GCSE English Literature and Language papers in order to obtain the best marks possible. Thank You!
Mother of Joe, GCSE English – 2018
My son has had his first lesson with Karen for Maths and I couldn't be happier.... it went really well and my son who hasn't been to school in over a year due to anxiety really enjoyed it.... his report back was excellent so I'm excited about the future for him now and can't thank the tutor team enough ...
Mother of Buddy, Maths student – 2018
Janet is an absolutely amazing tutor and I really enjoy debating the details behind historical events with her! XX
Student, History A level – 2018
Really nice and extremely friendly, Jan helped me with my GCSE English exams and is currently helping me with my A-level History. I feel confident with the progress I have already made and am very grateful for Jan's patience with me. Her vast knowledge of her subjects cannot be compared to anyone else.
A level History Student – 2018
Anthony began to work with my daughter a month before her senior school entrance exam. I was worried about her maths, as she was lacking in confidence and getting extremely anxious. In only a few lessons, he had managed to turn her confidence around and she was actually enjoying maths. He unlocked the potential that I always felt she had. As she commented, ‘Anthony learns the same way that I do.’ She was successful in her school application and also achieved a silver in the United Kingdom Maths Challenge. We highly recommend Anthony.
Reference for Anthony our Psychology and Maths Tutor.
Gerald has been tutoring my daughter, Emily, in the run up to her GCSE’s. Gerald has been such a great support and has given Emily the confidence and self belief that she lacked to enable her to go into her maths exams feeling much more confident and positive. This support has been invaluable at such a critical time in Emily’s education. 
Mother of Emily, GCSE Maths - 2018
My daughter had lost confidence in her ability to study GCSE English. Kay has been working with her for a few months and the change is amazing. Her analytical skills and interpretation have improved and she is much happier in general. Thank you.
Mother of Amy, GCSE English – 2018
Janet has been tutoring my son for A level history. Her tutoring is highly tailored to suit his learning style and he finds her lessons highly engaging, enjoyable and challenging. She has helped his understanding of the content considerably and her enthusiasm for the subject is infectious. I would highly recommend Janet and The Tutor Team.
Mother of Dan, A level History – 2018
Anthony’s help over the past few months has been exceptional at every level. His knowledge and sound understanding of the demands of the exam, as well as his methods of transferring that knowledge, has boosted my confidence massively in Psychology. His tutoring has inspired me to develop my knowledge, enjoy and have fun learning psychology, which has inspired my future career at university. Not only is he an exceptional tutor, but an exceptional person, which I now consider my friend. Thank you Anthony!
Psychology student – 2018
Janet has been fabulous at helping me with my essay skills. She is extremely patient and explains things in a way that is easy to understand. She tells you not just how to improve your work, but why it is important and how it links to the exam marking. My grades have gone up from F to B now I understand exactly what the examiners are looking for and how to write the essays. Thank you so very much.
A level History - 2017
Jan is an amazing tutor. My son is really enjoying his lessons with her. We are very happy with the progress. Thank you so much. We really appreciate your dedication and hard work. Cheers!
Mother of Shlok, IGCSE English Language and Literature – 2018
Janet has been absolutely brilliant in helping me with my Oxford Master's application in History. She is very well prepared for every session and is a historian who is passionate and extremely knowledgeable about her field, which makes it a pleasure working together. I am confident that when I submit my application I will now stand a good chance of success, thanks to Janet's invaluable support.
Successful Oxford Applicant– 2017
Anthony is pleasant, charming and very nice to have around.  He is very focused on the success of your child and very quickly adapts to your child's learning style.  My son really enjoyed his lessons with Anthony and gained greatly in confidence and ability throughout the months of Anthony’s tutoring.
Reference for Anthony, Psychology Tutor - 2018
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