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The pressure to excel when it comes to A Level exams is high. With recent government reforms aimed at improving standards, it’s harder than ever to achieve top grades, whilst the recent disruption to schooling has added even more pressure.

Choosing to work with a professional A level tutor is the best way to avoid disappointment when those results come in.

Why do I need an A Level tutor?

Our students come to us for all sorts of reasons. Many are working below their predicted grade or have performed worse than expected in a recent test. Some have missed school due to illness. Others are simply struggling to keep up. Whatever your circumstances, we will offer you a bespoke plan that takes into account your child’s individual needs.

The benefits of working with an A Level tutor

Better chance of good grades
Work at your own pace
Personalised, expert support
Opportunity for interactive learning
Improved confidence levels

100% of our A Level students have passed their exams. 

Our Cambridge (CAIE) Students have ALL achieved A* or A grade from 2015 to 2020

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Why choose The Tutor Team for your A level tutor?

As well as gaining access to a wide range of highly qualified and experienced tutors, by choosing the Tutor Team you’ll benefit from:

Clear communication

Your Team Coordinator will act as a central figure who knows both you and your tutors and can answer questions, offer advice and listen to any concerns you may have.

Personalised service

We offer a free consultation to find out about your child’s needs and every lesson is bespoke – tailored to suit your child’s level, learning style and targets.

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You will have your own secure account with a quick and easy payment system.  You will always be able to see charges and manage your account from your computer, tablet or phone.

Help and advice

Our friendly office team are available to offer advice and listen to you if you need assistance.  We will also keep in touch via courtesy calls/emails, so you will always have an opportunity to speak to us.

Whether you’re ready to get started with an A level tutor or you want to discuss your options, get in touch to find out how the Tutor Team can help.

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