Preparing for exams - A blog by Paul Harris from The Tutor Team

Preparing for Exams

So, we’re learning our subjects at school and we’re really enjoying them, but just to ruin the enjoyment, we have to do a test. Tests are uncomfortable. They make us stressed and anxious. Why is this? People are afraid of being wrong and being

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Respiration 2 - an article by Paul Harris from The Tutor Team

Respiration (part 2) – The heart and lungs

In my last post on respiration, I introduced a very important chemical reaction which happens inside nearly every one of our cells. The reaction is called respiration. Respiration is often confused with breathing. It is not breathing, but breathing is necessary for respiration. However,

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Respiration 1 - an article by Paul Harris from The Tutor Team

Respiration (part 1) – Transporting the Goods

Respiration (part 1) – transporting the goods Oxygen is a very reactive element. If you blast a flame with oxygen you will get a very dramatic effect! Metal items exposed to oxygen, rust and fall apart. These reactions may seem inconvenient, but there are

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A view into the future (Part 2): Technology

A view into the future (Part 2): Technology, interdependence and becoming immortal Welcome back to the second part in this two part series on how to be scared of the future!   In my last post I showed with some examples of split brain patients,

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Intermolecular Forces

Intermolecular forces 1: Van der Waals

Intermolecular forces 1: Van der Waals So, in this series I want to go over what intermolecular forces are, the three types to consider and what sets each type apart from the other.   Firstly, what do we mean by intermolecular forces? The inter

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What is aromatic Chemistry? (A-level Chemistry)

So, second in my run of posts targeted at A-level Chemistry and I’m touching on Aromatic Chemistry! What is it?? Essentially, it is the study of benzene and benzene type organic compounds. The word is referring to the very strange way the bonding occurs

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Flat Earthers - take them seriously.

Why we should take flat earthers seriously

Why we should take flat earthers seriously? So, before I get into this I should probably make it clear that I strongly believe that the Earth is a sphere and the sun is at the centre of our solar system and basically, all of

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Study Skills

5 reasons why good study skills are important 

Are you looking to improve your grades and make your course more accessible?  One way you can take control of your own learning and give yourself the very best chance of raising your grades is by developing excellent skills for self study.   Good

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Arrhenius equation

This is quite a mathematical area of the Chemistry A-level, but we can start off with a brief recap of some fundamental principles within Chemistry, which are not really mathematical The Arrhenius equation (above) relates to the rate of reaction and contains the following

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